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How to install MS on Frontier 340?


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No, it is different software, but it all is on the MS01 master disk. When you run the installer you select which install you wish to do.  The manuals for MS01 come on a disk with the software package.  Keep in mind that changing to MS01 will take considerable time and effort. All your print sizes will change (even on the 340) and if you have kiosks feeding into your current DI controller, they will require reprogramming or upgrading to work with MS01 as well. I would not recommend an MS01 install without access to Fuji's technical support.

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I managed to install MS01 on imaging controller, on a fresh XP SP2, it has connected right away with the printer.

Still haven't manually syncronised print sizes to be able to print, but I have a problem already:


I only see individual adjustments, not the classical 6 images screen of FE-IN where you can add/substract color and density and go to the next page.

Where is that screen in MS?

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No, the 6 frame preview is a seperate add on program called MS16. It must be purchased seperately from Fuji. As for the 340, Put the MS01 disk in the cd drive, shut the system down, then press the green start button.  As the system boots it will ask to run the MS01 installer and the needed files will be installed. Note that after installation on the 340, the print sizes will all have been changed so if you have any of the service buttons set up for print sizes that are no longer there you will get an error message.  Use the 'Custom Button Setup Tool' that came on a floppy with your 340 to reset the service buttons as needed.

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