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DL410 drylab


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I have a DL 410 dry lab which has a damaged head unit this is an Epson head can they be purchased through Epson rather than fuji who have quoted me £5000 plus without fitting this is more than half the price I paid for the printer new

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i think buying head from EPSON will be difficult. because its a custom made design for fuji and Noritsu. because most of the EPSON LFP's comes with 8 or 9 ink cartridges system and  Dry labs series just using 4 cartridges. so head assembly  will be not common for both. so i believe this head unit will be particular for  DL410 and  Noritu Dry Lab D701 and 703.

anyhow so sad to hear that head unit get damage. in fact its expensive.

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Sorry to hear your news.

Surley the head unit must be covered under warrantyor service? I have an Kodak Apex which you just replace the printer if this situation occurs, which is free with a service contract or purchased for less than 2k if you do not have a service agreement.

Does the Dl410 not have the same suport or level of cover?

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Im an engineer fuji trained on the DL410 drylab, How sure are you that the head is damaged, as that is always the asumption when in fact it is usually dried ink blocking the heads. Make sure the capping unit is in good clean condition and the cleaner wiper. Leave the printer for a while capped so the ink softens. fotoservice dot co dot uk

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Hi, I have just had the same problem and yes the test done at Bradford confirmed it was a faulty head. My machine is only  15mths old so it came as a bit of a shock when this happened, and even more so when they said I would have to pay for the labour of 7hours. I was told the printer head is actually covered under a 3year warranty so surley an item covered by warranty should mean labour to!!

To cap it all the new head they sent down and fitted also turned out to be faulty, does this mean there was a problem batch to start off with? :-/

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Hello If you want i sell my dl410 perfectly operationnal because i buy Fronter chimical
I sell one drylab fuji dl410 with two computer all accessory service manual
i may  give you  with it one more drylab with head hs
price 3500€ vat available studiocaron.pasteur@aol.com
item is in france.



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