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Laser Dying on Frontier 340 - Voltage Excedeed


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Frontier 340

I have been warned by the Printer that B laser it is closing to an end, but folks here told me that it could last between two months and two years.

This morning pictures came out blue and printer said that B laser curent exceeds limit. It recovered by itself after two hours.

I think it's on the verge. How can I delay this issue with current excedeed. I know that the printer controls it to mantain light power of laser, an d maybe there is a voltage limit.

Is it possible to keep the current lower in order to be able to process?

Or how can I delay changing laser?

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You need to repair your laser as soon as possible.

October is not the high season for picture printitng so you can allow it and you will meet the Christmas with good working laser.

We can help you with the repair.

We have wide experience in Frontier laser's refurbishing so you can send it to us.

Please write to:


and we will discuss the details.

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Look at your third picture above and notice that the "Temp Adjust Setting" is at 38.00 deg. C. This is as high as it can go to tune the laser. You might buy a little time by adjusting your PD current setting. However be warned that this will reduce the blue output and therefore the AOM must work harder. This is not the ideal option. Like Yustas said now is the time to get it repaired before the big holiday rush. Contact National Laser Co. by clicking on the banner on the right side of the screen. They can repair your laser in less than 3 days and get it back to you fast. We even have exchange units for a little more if you want to reduce your downtime even further.

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I enetered setup menu with miya password, as azfoto did in a post, set the PD current to 5,8 and it allows me to print wonderful pictures.

I would like our mates to help with useful advices, not advertisment.

I was in a deep trouble not being able to print and being like that I may hurry for a new laser and not find the right offer or the right price.

I cannot express in words how disapointed I am every time some of you rush with offers instead of helping.

One of our mates in this site helped me with menus and I am trully grateful for his support, that I will also repay whenever needed.

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I am sorry if I offended you. I was just offering options. The fact is your laser needs attention. Reducing the PD current as I suggested will only help for a while. No one knows how long your laser or AOM/Driver will last in this condition. This is only a bandage to help get you by. You will need to get your laser repaired probably sooner than later. Keep an eye on the LD current, when it goes above the deterio current it will tell you laser the laser is about to its lifetime. When it gets to the max of 150mA it will no longer print. Judginhg by the LD curve it is failing fast. By the way what is the LD current now?

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@ "Manager",

We have a few cases when customers burnt the lasers while using MIYA password and input wrong values in wrong field so no need to accuse us in advertising ONLY. (!)

You will have to repair your laser very soon anyway and now you have just postponed the death of it.

According to the "Murphy Law" - you will have to do it in High season soo I just warned you to rush.

No one  makes you repair it under pistol gun :)


This is the same as to use soothing pills having a gangrene...

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