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I have a Frontier 240 and the P2 crossover rollers are swollen on extremities making middle not touch properly the paper.

Also, on the DRYER roller there is damage from heat, resulting in craters.

I saw that the former owner glued the ends of one of the P2 rollers with something black.

I assumed it must be black silicone and did the same with the other one that gets seollen from the humidity entering under surface skin laterals. So I used silicone, iti is useful but too elastic.

What could help to seal extremities of P2 crossover rollers or coat middle to add diameter and,

what could be used to restore the dryer rollers that withstand very high temperatures?

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Your best bet would be to just replace them with the OEM rolllers. I am sure they are expensive but they are the best solution to your problem. If you start putting foreign materials in there it could have unknown effects on the chemistry. The rollers in the dryer section (if they are the correct parts) are made to withstand the normal operating temperatures. These may not be the proper parts, the previous owner might have changed them with another part trying to save money. There are aftermarket suppliers for most of these parts that will be less expensive, but the quality might be better or it might be worse than the OEM.

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The P2 crossover rollers are the right ones, and who previously did the job did a wonderful one:

he sealed the end of the roller that gets wet and swolen, and also put a thin layer on the roller that gives better grip.

It is a black silicone or something similar. I didn't notice this before even if it is obious.

It is still standing and does the job pefectly, just that I need the same job and material on the other roller now.

I tried construction silicone, but ii is too elastic, fragile, and it doesn't have the same feeling.

Does anybody know the trick.

Please, no commercials to buy parts, just keep the subject I posted!

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