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SP 3000 WITH LP-7700


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No, I don't think FMPC can be connected to LP7700 because I/F Board of LP 7700 is compatible with LAN however FMPC is connected through Firewire. LP7700 is a standalone network printer can be connected by a unique IP address.

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In my setup the three pieces of equipment (SP3000, FMPC and LP7700) are connected to a central hub thru RJ45 ethernet connections. On the SP3000 Toshiba PC there are two connections going out, one is a firewire to FMPC another is RJ45 which goes to the hub. There is no direct connection of LP7700 to the FMPC except from the hub as this has only one inlet hich is ethernet. I hope this helps....

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On the SP3000 the top righthand side says Main, I guess this is the FE software.

On the digital media input (this done thru FMPC) it is the MS 2.1.

Ashish, please give me your e-mail and I can send you pictures of the installation if you want.

What machine are you using?

BTW I am Indian but reside in Central Frica.

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