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E-2529 SOS Failure


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While printing an order today on my 355 I got an error that said "E-2529 SOS Failure Detected. Contact Your technical representative" The frontier was flashing a LASER ERROR message on the little screen. I tried to print more but the error kept popping up. I powered off the printer at the main switch then powered it back on and the error went away and I was able to continue processing work. After about 3 hours the error hasn't come back. Did my machine just experience a hiccup or do I have a major problem brewing with the laser?

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Hi. Make a simpe test :

Replace B and G ( inputs and outputs ) on the AOM driver : ( B in BNC connector connect to G input on the AOM driver,  G in BNC connector connect to B input on the AOM driver, G out BNC connector connect to B otput on the AOM driver and B out BNC connector connect to G otput on the AOM driver )

If after that E-2529 will dissapper and you will have not correct print in blue channel, that means AOM driver is deffected. If AOM driver will be deffected I can repair it ( price 250Euro; about 300USD )

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No errors today but I noticed today on a couple of prints there was a green and red line right next to each other and on a few intermittent prints that have a really thin line. I thought they were scratches but these are dark greenish color and the scratches ive seen in the past have been either white or yellow. Could these lines be related to the occurance of the SOS error?

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Please read more about this error code on our website here

Or you can read the extraction from it below:

E-2529 "S.O.S. detection failed"

on other Fujifilm labs, it can look like E-06073-0001 "Synchronous Sensor Error"

These errors mean that your minilab cannot get the "Signal of Synchronization" from a certain laser beam (different labs have different laser beams as a source of synchronization).

Probable Causes 1: A defective AOM driver (synchronization is performed by the different AOM driver in different models of Frontiers)
Probable Causes 2: Defective AOM crystal.
Probable Causes 3: a Poor connection between : 
3.1. AOM driver and Image Processing PCB (different labs have different name of this PCB)  
3.2. AOM-driver and AOM (crystal) 
Probable Causes 4:  Mirror is not in the proper reflecting position and cannot reflect the beam to the beam receptor.

First of all, do the following: 
1. We recommend to invite a service engineer and have access to an optical section (laser unit). Open the laser unit with all precautions against static electricity shock and against dust. Check the position of the mirror. If this looks well and firmly fixed in its position go to the next checkpoint.
2. Swap Red AOM driver with Green AOM driver. Such way you will determine the condition of the Red AOM driver. If you have swapped it and have no error - your Red AOM driver is faulty and needs to be replaced.

Our company can make a high-quality repair of your defective AOM driver with a guarantee.


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