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Film to CD on 570 with FMPC


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Hi everyone.

I have a question for Frontier 570 with FMPC.

We had Frontier 340 and recently bought second hand 570 with FMPC.

It's working very well.  However we can not scan film to CD.

After starting up printer (timer), DIC, FMPC then Scanner, the scanner try to connect to FMPC(?) then connection error message come up on scanner screen.

I can still print from film through FMPC and digital print from DIC.

570 is connected to FMPC by FireWire.  Scanner is connected to FMPC by FireWire.  FMPC is connected to DIC by network through router.

Do I need connect Scanner to DIC with network cable?

Is there any setting I'm missing on FMPC, Scanner or DIC?

Am I missing some software?  

Worst case, I'm thinking to run 570 without FMPC.

In this case, do I just connect scanner and 570 directly with firewire and connect scanner to DIC using network cable?  Any setting change?

Is there much difference in speed and capacity with or without FMPC?

Thank you.


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Thank you Christina,

I think there is installation setup on scanner and I believe it was set to Basic setting (can not to change to anything else for this setting) and output is set to FMP.

I'm not in the shop at the moment and have a look tomorrow.

Thank you again.


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Thanks Christina and ghn5ue.

I checked output setting on scanner and it was to FMP.  I changed to LP-5700 then scanner display error connected printer is not matching.  So I change back to FMP.

Then I connect scanner to router with network cable then it works!  I read FMPC installation manual many times but it never say I have to connect scanner with network cable.  It only tells me to connect FMPC to router using network cable.

Thank you very much guys!

Christina, I just want to ask you one more question.  Is MS software really good?  Is it replacing DI?  My friend gave me a set of software for Frontier 500.  I'm not sure if I can use these CDs for 570 or not.  The CDs got S and numbers. (S1,...)

Thank you.

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