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lines in the image


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Hello everyone,

another example of printing from "Perform the test exposure".

are two size prints 254 and 152.

I think it's mechanical laser.

Print the image perfectly least that part.

Some soluciom?


<a  href=http://img148.imageshack.us/img148/3112/impreisionfallida.jpg' alt='impreisionfallida.jpg'>

Uploaded with ImageShack.us[/img]

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You have some debris or paper dust or something else in the path between the scanning mirror and the paper. Did this just happen suddenly or has it progressively built up? Remove your laser unit and check under it and check inside the shutter to see if the debris is visible inside the shutter. If you have to clean any mirrors use a Q-tip brand cotton swab and acetone. Caution! do not get acetone on any of the plastic parts. Shake the excess acetone from the swab before cleaning. Use each swab only once and discard. Move in one continuous motion from one egde to the other. Do not stop or start in the middle of an optic.

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Hello everyone,

Problem solved.

It turns out that the shutter has an all arround foam to cushion and prevent the entry of dust too.

That foam is rotten and displaced a small part inside causing these rays.

I will call tomorrow to Fuji Spain to seek new and also the foam which is located in the filter to properly laser.

Thank you all.

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