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Using both 5" & 6" paper on a 340


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I have 2 Frontier 340's that I'm running. We just had the computer changed out on one of them and now it doesn't print all the same sizes it used to.

We only have Matte paper in the 5" size. We have both Matte & Glossy in the 6" size. The way it's always worked is that we use the Matte paper to print 5"xX" prints, and if they want Glossy we uncheck the availability of 5" paper, put in the 6", and it prints on the larger paper and we trim off the extra inch.

Now, the machine will only print 3.5"x5" on 5" paper, and will only print 4"x5" on 6" paper.

This is only when printing digital from the PIC. Both sizes work fine when printing from film.

I've found in the instruction manual how to add new sizes but when you do you don't specify the paper size to use, so any new print sizes I set up have the exact same problem.

Has anyone encountered this before? Any ideas on where to tell it paper size to use?



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