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Steel Belt 323D889733C for Frontier F350


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Hi people.

The Steel Belt 323D889733C of my Frontier F350 breaked and i have to change. Fuji resseler here in Brazil charged us in around $1400 for a new belt. It's just a simple metal belt, besides I think actually it's not made of steel, but titanium (just a hint).

I would apreciate an alternative for this piece. I tryed an car engine, reinforced - and not streching - rubber belt, but the photos was printed streched. I think the "alternative" belt is sliping or skidding (not sure about this word).

Is an alternative for this part?



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its very important part. its the one controlling sub scanning speed. even small variation in the belt tension would also result abnormal printouts like in form of lines or stretched as u got now. just check with other sellers if you feel fuji reseller charge too much. its true that original would cost much. i am sure you can find out  someone else thru internet for a competitive price.

" I tryed an car engine, reinforced - and not streching - rubber belt"  :-)

its highly recommended to use  original spare part.


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I think original belt's price is USD 500 ~ 600 with any tax. I dont know about the sales tax and others cost of reseller. Alternative solution is what I do, I make a belt with film (negative) cutting same size and joint face to face with scotch tape. But, after every 3~4 days, we have to replace the belt. I think there is no other alternative solution.

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I want to thank you all for the tips!! Unfortunatelly my Frontier gone "offline" about 1 week until the belt reached here. If i had read your tips this time would not be lost. But next time I know. Seens aluminium tape is the best temporary solution.

Thanks for tips!  :)

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