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Blue conditioning print upkeep print


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We were experiencing some muddy and dirty prints and changed out the P1 and P2 tanks. While we had them out we used a product called Rack Attack to clean both racks and tanks with. The Rack Attack seemed to work very well. It cleaned a good deal of the old stains and build up off the tanks and racks.

When we filled and replaced the chemicals for P1 and P2 everything went fine, I don't think we contaminated P1 with P2 fluids. However on the last bottle of P1 Part A the seal must have had a crack because at the bottom of the bottle was a crystal structure that looked like a sea urchin! When we warmed up the 370 and printed our upkeep/conditioning print it came out blue. We made several additional prints to be sure it wasn't a mixing issue but all come out blue.

Following an earlier post’s advise we drained the P1 from the replenisher tank and replaced the same amount into P1 hoping to bring up the strength.

Before dropping another $200 can a few of you weigh in here? Do you feel it is a P2 contamination issue, weak P1 issue or a Rack Attack contamination issue?

Thanks :-)

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To exclude affection of an optical section to the colouring the paper in blueish - close the gap ( from the laser beam comes out) with something and make printing.

If the paper still not white - the problem is in chemicals.

If the paper is looks white - you have a problem with laser section ( AOM driver or laser).

Just coincidence...

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