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Frontier 550 control software problem


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Hi there!

Our company bought original MS software for all our labs (340, 330, 350, 355 and 550). Local Fujifilm support technician reccomended to upgrade scanner/printer software prior to installing MS (we decited to go for tethered system). We received A1 7.7 for 350, A1 4.0 for 330/340 and A1 1.8 016 for 355/550 (as far as I understand main factor which A1 version is needed for which minilab is decided by scanner model).

We upgraded all of 330, 340, 350 and 355 without any problems whatsoever. Also installation of MS was succesful (apart from few unlcear questions regarding funtions of MS, but this is another story). But when we got to upgrading 550 everything went wrong...

We were using A1 1.8 016 version (actually same CD we used for 355 - 355 and 550 has same scanner model SP3000) initially everything seem ok - control software transfered into scanner/printer, main software in mcu, right till  after requested restart printer did not boot up at all. Scanner boots up - program runs, but in standalone mode only.

What exactly do I mean by "printer does not boot up": normally, when printer is turned on on its small display (where status and rom version is shown) it shows cursor, then pause, then countdown begins, after what printer begins to warm up/initialise and so on. In our case printer just stuck with cursor on screen, no countdown or whatever. It does not respond to any manipulations from scanner side nor it allows to install new control software. Actually, it even did not show printer in device manager, where it should be. And no, reinstall whatever and as much as you like, it does not changes anything.

We checked and recheck all the IEEE cards, cables, imager, almost all the boards. Tried to reinstall mcu from beginning, restore its software by using original recovery CDs and so on.

Then, it started to seem, that it may be the mainboard of Imager, who is causing all the trouble - we ordered new one and installed it. Now printer boots past cursor - right to count of 3, from countdown sequence and stays there indefinetly. Now, it seem to be a good sign - after all, when system transfers printer control software into printer, it normally puts printer in this state (Frontier 3...) and also mcu windows is able to find printer and shows it up in device manager. But it still refuses to accept printer control software. Any installing attempts finishes with "downloading failed for printer".

So, I dont know where exactly printer stores control software, but my feeling is that somehow transfer has failed and printer is unable to start essential components for receiving new software. I am wondering - is there any options to reprogram main chip or something like that.

Any ideas?


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i m using MS software on my frontier 550 .my machine works fine . it gives me no error and working flawlessly .

but i m using it with FMPC .i have SP3000 also but i didnt connect it with FMPC via MS software .

use FMPC for frontier 550 install MS software without connecting SP3000 with it .run MS software on frontier 550 without SP3000.when ur machine will works fine then install install MS11 on SP3000 using stansalone installation mode .

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Dear All

Our main Frontier 550 computer (that allows the printing) has stopped to start up from time to time when we start the work day in the mornings.

What is your opinion or what do we need to do?

Our consultants say that either the system block is old and has to be changed or that the problem lies elsewhere.

Many thanks in advance!


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