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SP-2500 and PIC help


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I'm looking at purchasing a SP-2500 / SP-2000 for my own personal use.  I have found some units at the price I'm looking for, but here is the problem I'm trying to prevent.  

I will not be using the Scanner in conjunction with any other Fuji equipment, I just need to scan my film and save it to disc.  I understand that I need a PIC unit/computer.  I have quite a few spare computers at my disposal and I'm trying to find out where I can get the software for the PIC that will allow me to save my scans to disc.

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.

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hello thanks for the reply, I need to scan 120/220 film along with 35mm.  At the price I'm being offered it's hard to beat the SP-2500, but it doesn't have the PIC . . . just need to find the software, or a PIC unit to get scans onto disc.

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