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F350 LP1500SC E2685


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I have a problem in the machine, every time I turn on the alarm stops

in the following error: error occurred in E 2685 replenishment section and then at

printing it prints a single image and then displays it stop limit.

I cleaned the 4 pumps in front and below the valves and it gives no

Please helpme

Thanks in advance

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See Attachment. This is a common problem. In most cases what you have to do is to drain the P1-R, P2-RA,

P2-RB replenisher tanks, NOT THE PROCESSING TANKS. No need to drain the PSR. Make sure you get all the replenisher out of the tanks. Put a new replenisher cardridge in and mix new replenisher by using the front panel-"Perform “INSTALLATION” - “MIX REPLENISH”.see attachment. To get to the front panel menu press menu five times then press enter.

This happens when the replenisher levels are not what the machine wants them to be. It can be caused by a faulty float switch, or blocked pipes.

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thank you very much my friends.

I empty the machine every product that contained the same P1-R Replenisher Tank

and I filled with warm water after I put the machine on all day.

And with your valuable advice.

I filled all again Procesor tank and a new cartridge

Now the machine works well.


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