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Frontier 500 Color Inconsistency


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Good afternoon everyone. I live in South America, and i want put something to your consideration: A few days ago the prints output in our Frontier 500 turned green (with no magenta component at all). The first time was just for a while the the prints went out normal again. Now it is permament. What i wanna know, cause i asked technicians and they told that could be the LDD27 board (controller), the AOM (driver), or the optical unit (laser itself). they want me to change the boards one after another till the problem is gone, is there a way to know exactly which one of the boards is having trouble or to use a diagnostic aplication to be sure? and not have to buy those three things mentioned? because is a big amount of money

Thanks all for just reading this..any help would be appreciated

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Most likely it is the AOM board.  There are 3 different kinds, R, G, and B.  Could be that the R aom went out.  Another consideration would be the laser itself.  Check your laser settings.  Does the R seem to be out of control verses the G and B laser.  I know that on the FF500's the R laser tends to go out.  sometimes you get the error, R laser current exceeds limit, or something to that effect.


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Sorry Mr. Eoughphily, but what you wrote is not OK.

Fr500 has only one AOM - MAGENTA. Most probably there is problem in AOM and you have to replace with repaired one or new one. It is unlikely that problem is in laser unit or in LDD27. It is possible, but most likely is AOM.

FR500 has only one AOM modulated signal - Green/Magenta. Red and Blue are directly modulated.

You can put also AOM from 330, 340, 550,570. They are the same.

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