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C2 Printer driver - Frontier 340


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I try to install the C2 ver 1.7-0E-002 printer driver. I use C4C5 ver 5.5-0E-953K on Windows 2000.

My machine is a Frontier 340 SLP 1000SE.

It is not possible to print from Photoshop or other programmes.

It is failing and I get this message:

Input device is not registered.

Printing cancelled.

Does anyone have any tip? Do I use the right version?



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plz someone help me to find driver to install FUJIFILM SLP1000sRGB on Window 7 

if possibe or if there is a solution to print from photoshop.

please help me

if someone have programme instlation for frontier 340 please send it to me please my e mail is 


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What do you mean driver? If you are talking about minilab system software then all versions can be installed only on Windows 2000. The latest - Fuji 340 system software version 4.0.

Printer driver depends on software installed on server ( other computer - outside minilab ) . There can be installed C4/C5, S2, or MS01. If used C4/C5  then print driver is C2, if used S2 then print driver is S11 and when used MS01 then print driver is MS12. Windows version depends on printer driver you have.

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