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Scanner temperature to high


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HI, i know this problem, i got this message several times in Summer on SP2000 and SP2500 though room-temperatur was about 26-28 degrees...i think cooling units of the scanner are not strong enough so its possible, that in some parts - especially in the light source section - temperatur is getting too high.

Finally we solved it by air-conditioning - also very good for the clerks :-)

Same problem we had with printer - same solution

Kind regards


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I recommend placing a fan on the floor under the scanner as well. On the SP1500 (I'm not sure if it's the same for the newer models), there is a red colored reset switch for the temperature monitor near the lamp reflector that needs to be pressed before booting up the scanner. I would check the lamp to see if it has burned out, in case the lamp doesn't turn on while restarting.

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