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Frontier 370, Pictures are not dry, help me


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I am using Frontier 370, but the pictures are not dry and they get stuck to each other so its a big problem.

how can i fix this problem? where should i look into? its getting worse and worse day by day..

thank you for all the help,

i am getting lots of help reading through threads here.

Business is slow and i need more ideas :)

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Are you using the Fuji Super Conditioner? I have had the problem where the racks got slimey and slippery, then it wouldn't grab the prints until they were overlapped and thick enough to press against the rollers. Feel the racks in the last four tanks. If the rollers are slimey this is your problem. Is the section which is overlapped fully developed. If the image is fine but just stuck it means the problem is in the stabilizer section if the print is not developed or over developed it could be in P1 or P2.

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