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Skew printing borders Forntier 350


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I am looking for help for a Problem i am concerned with for months now: our Frontier 350 produces beveled / skew borders, on all kinds of papers and all kinds of paperwidths and on both upper and lower magazins.

I tried a lot to solve this yet:

i changed the rollers in paper transport section....did not help

i tried to adjust the magazin itself by using manual .....did not help

i know, that there is a "large size Print border adjustment procedure", but the skew borders are out of the adjustable Range (correction 0,6 mm possible by adjust procedure as described in manual, my borders are about 1...2 mm)

I inspected, if the paper come out of the magazin in exact 90 degrees, thats no problem,

When i open the middle or lower side door, lock the safetyswitch an let paper feed, then i can see, that the paper runs skew already in this area.

The drift is about 1...2 mm on a 381 mm print with 254 paper, when length is shorter than width, e.g. 102 mm with 152 width paper, then borders sometimes are minimum 2 mm skewed. It varys depending on printing lenght, lower magazin is more slant than upper a.s.o.

A further phenomenon is, that the image position, which can be adjusted on SE2 (Image position fine adjustment) is dissembled after 1 or 2 days...i remember that was not like this before, also no problem on our second Printer. i think, there's a correlation, but i am not able to solve the problems, i asked two technicans by fuji, they were not able to help.

Is there any possibility to adjust this?? Does anybody can give a tip?

Kind regards


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Apologies for my english

-flip magazines between upper and lower and verify if problem is the same. If only ocurrs in one position, check regulation of plate where the magazine stand (4 screws)

-move just milimeters the backprint head, just to not print but nos too much because then the system dont print

-check cutters of paper near to magazines. check regulation (software) between magazine and cutter

I hope this help


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Hi Martin, thank you for the answer,

it is quite difficult...i checked the plates the magazines are standing on, i centered them, also the cutters, then i tried to do the described "large size Print border adjustment procedure"

result: the upper magazin is quite ok using large papers respectivly no shorter lengths as 240 mm. Short Papers, 13x18 cm or something are still skewed.

The lower magazins are not usable when printing borerd pictures.

Hole thing is very time-consuming. Next i will try is to adjust the angel of each magazin, i hope this will help.

Thanks a lot


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I had this problem on a F340. The image was skewed because a spring was missing that holds  one of the paper transport section rollers. There was no pressure applied on one side of the rollers so the prints slipped to one side. Check your lower transport rollers again first.  It could be that a spring is stretched also.

If not and this is occurring in any magazine which is in the lower section then you may need to do a cutter position adjustment.

Send us an attachment us one of your prints with the skewed border so we can see the problem.



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Hi, yes i do it little step by little Step - now upper Magazin is quite good, lower much better than befor by doing a cutter angle adjustment...this seems to be the most helpful thing. But i am not at the end.

Its no problem of week rollers or springs, i checked them all.

I think, combination of "large size border adjustment" and cutter angle adj. wil be a good way.

thanks to all


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Hello Michaelka,


I know this is very old post but I am facing somthing similar problem. My print size is 1mm short for the first 4 prints and the 5th print is 1mm larger, this happens only to my 152mm magzine. because of this my first 4 prints have skwed border on one side.


I am not a technical guy and getting a technician here in Bangalore, India is very difficult as there are only 2 engineers as they act very demanding, even I am willing to pay they wont come so please help me if you send me the step by step guide with pictures if possible, By the way I have Fuji Frontier 370. Thanks please help

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