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Misalignment of yellow beam on 340


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   In one of our 340 I am facing minalignment of yallow beam in sub scanning. when i try to alignment all three color beams, cyan and megenta are on each other but yallow beam is quit far  from cyan and megenta. I am facing this problem only in sub scanning. The main scanning is very good.

   Any help would be appreciated



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Go to the setup and maintenance menu and enter in password 7777

go to menu 0546/printer maintenance/home position adjustment.

In the subscanning section of the B laser increase the number (0-7) to move the line down on the paper or decrease the number to move the line up on the page.

print a grid and check the alignment.

If you cannot change that number enough then you must do the opposite to the R and G numbers. Keep the relationship between the R and G the same as you change both the same amount.

After you have aligned all the subscanning lines then you must go through the main scanning rought adjustment procedure again to re-center the image on the paper.

Please write down the numbers on the home postion page so that if everything gets messed up you can always go back to the start.

If you had sent this laser to National Laser Company for repair it would have worked perfectly right out of the box.

Good Luck,

Kevin Waller

National Laser Co.

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