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390 possible shutter problem


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I have a 390, and when I print I get this magenta spray like pattern, not on all of the images but every other 4 or 5..the odd thing is that even when I do paper feed I still get the magenta spray on patter...has anyone here had that happen?

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This doesn't look like a shutter problem. Is it in the same spot every time (same distance from side edge and same distance from the leading edge)?

Turn off all the lights in the room and do some prints. Does it still appear?

It could be a bad roll of paper. Has it happened on more than one roll of paper?

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it happens on the same spot every time..I have changed paper 4 times and still get the same results. I doubt that is a light leak as if it was it would look different and it would happen on all of the prints....and this is just paper feed..I also get them when I print.

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