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Frontier 370 / PIC : No crop problems


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Again, apologies for my english

I have a frontier 370 with PIC 2.6 software and I can´t resolve crop problems

I started trying "no crop" mark in quick print windows, not work in all cases...

Then I note (from setup.exe / products) the exact values (pixels) for each size of print and create a exact canvas (photoshop) with borders and lines, to control the print. Again, the print is small than the image (crop...)

Then investigating the soft (setup.exe), I remove all DPI values trying that the PIC auto calculate this to each image, nothing, crop

I discover the option of cropping preview doing double click over the image in the preview of quickprint, but this preview neither work good, show some crop diferent than the real print

Now, i discover the values in inchs for each size print in the ..... (i don´t know the name, the software in scanner) and suspect that this values also have influence in the problem.

Thanks in advance


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Hi, i dont no if i understood well, but any Printer has to "Crop" the image while Exposure to avoid small white edges/borders on the paper.

on 13x18 cm - sheet its about 2 mm per edge you loose, on 25x38 cm sheet its 3-4 mm. A little bit better ist is to print in FITIN mode, but only a little.

I hope this will help


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