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Kodak papers profiles for Fuji Frontier LP7700

Carlos Mayer

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Hello Everybody

I bought recently a Fuji Frontier LP7700 but it came only with Fuji Crystal paper profiles. The system nor the technicians know where to find the Kodak papers profiles so, meanwhile I look for them, I edited the Crystal profile but it results in not good quality prints.

Could anybody help me with this issue? where could I find the Kodak profiles for this printer? Is there any site where to download them from?

Thanks in advance!

Carlos Mayer


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Hi vimalson: I do not know where to find the Profile Data Version, I am sorry! remember that I am absolutely new to Fuji equipoment since I always had (and still have) Noritsus.

Hi Christina Rose: I know it and there, we can only find five Crystal Archive papers as follows:






As you can see too, they only belongs con Fuji papers but I want to use Kodak ones! Using the H1 version we edited setups parameters but the final result was not good. Obviously Kodak profiles are needed.

Any idea where to find them? I am little dissappointed with the company (at least in my country) that don't know even if those profiles exists... without words.

Thank you both, don't leave me alone!!!!


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