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Frontier 370 freezes/locks up on certain files


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I am running  a Fuji Frontier 370 with version 6 software.  I was running pic 2.0.  The two machines have worked together for years.  

Recently, certain digital files cause the machine to lock up.  The only way to recover is  to restart.  Anytime I try to print the file it will lock up.  Initially it was just an occasional file and we would tell the customer that we couldn't print it or we would print it on the LightJet.  However, it is happening more often and I realize it is going to be an ongoing problem.  

The problem happens most frequently with the same customer which leads me to believe there is something wrong with the files.  He says they were created in photoshop 3 on a mac and saved as a jpg.  I received 45 files from him this week and I can only print 10.  The other 35 cause the machine to lock up.  I have tried to rerasterize the files, change the file name, etc.  I can open them up in any program that reads jpg files but can't print them on the frontier.  They are all the same size, but some print and some don't.

I have upgraded the pic to 2.6 and have done a complete reinstall of the scanner operating system and software.  I thought for sure this would help but it still locks up on the same images!  


Attached is one of the files that locks the machine up.

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When I open the file up in Photoshop I see there are guide lines.  Sometimes Fuji software doesn't like extra stuff being embedded within the file.  I did try printing it with MS01 software, and there are no problems.

Maybe try opening the file in Photoshop and clear the guides and try it again.

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