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Frontier 350 Heater P2 Stops too early


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Hi, i'm Michael , working in Germany in a Photolab with Fuji Frontier Minilabs. This is my first thread in here an i hope to fnd some help beeing encouraged about finding this Forum

My problem: When the Printer heats up in the morning (from about 25-28 degrees), often the heater P2 does turn off too early, most times at about 35,5 Degrees or something and it is hardly possible to reactivate it, for example by restarting the printer. This appears often but not each time when starting the printer.

I got this problem two jears ago on the same Frontier 350 , we simply changed the hole PAC 20 Board. Now it is the same again. Is it really necessary to buy a new PAC 20 because of the costs???  Isnt it possible to change any relevant parts like Relais' or something?

Does anybody had a similar problem?  Definitely  it is NOT the heater itself, because it is possible to change the connectors  with P1, and then the heater works as long as i want...

Any kind of tips and references will be helpful!

Thank you very much and sorry for my bad english ;)

kind regards


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Hi, unfortunately not. I changed the relevant ssr, but its the same problem as before...probably the soldering points are faulty, i have to check this.

Are there any other Ideas? BEcause it is the same Problem on two Printers Frontier 350 exactly the same, one of these we are using actually, one we put out of action 2 years ago, but had the same problem as a fellow told me...

Could it be another reason?

Thank you very much


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You should check the inside of the heater unit. You must drain P2 and pull the hoses off. If you see a thick build up i the passage then that is your problem. The heater cannot transfer enough heat to the liquid so it overheats and turns off the safety thermostat. Clean it out with a 1/2 " or 12mm round brush.

I have not seen this on my 370 but I have seen it several times on my 340. On the 340 it tells you that the overtemp sensor has been tripped but maybe on the 370 (since it is older) they didn't give it that functionality.

Let us know what you find out.

Kevin Waller

National Laser Co.

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