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How to use a hot folder to import into PIC 2.6


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Here's my problem.

I've got a DNP kiosk and I'd like the orders to appear in the PIC order list before going to the Frontier for printing (so I can do color correction greeting cards, etc). How can I setup the hot folder to do this? As it's setup now it uses the device "Fkiosk" (I checked in the Simon spooler) and the orders just go directly to the Frontier without allowing any changes in the Kiosk.


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Hi, you can do that by opening SETUP.EXE on your PIC (usually you need to log off and then open it when it logs on again.

From there click output devices and click Auto Release.

Where it says KIOSK type N for No

That was the first thing I tried, it doesn't seem to matter. Right now the settings in simon are set to FrontierPrintAPI for the hot folder (Or something similar, I don't have the PIC handy right now). I also noticed that the text files created don't really match those of the Aladdin, they're slightly different.

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