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how to print from file?


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This may be a silly question.... How can we print from a file on our pic IV? Say we have produced a photo in photoshop on a computer networked to the pic, where can we put the file so that it shows up like a kiosk or memory card order?

On our Agfa machines we use a "send" folder on the server and select" print from file" where we can select any files in there and change the usual- size, options etc.

At the moment we have to put the image on a memory card and insert either into a kiosk or a card reader on the pic.


Roger Marshall

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Well what you can do is change the IP address of the computer you are sending files from (but that would disable the internet connection)

And you will be able to see the PIC's Import and Export folders. You can send a file i believe to the Import folder using the computer's network.

After that all you need to do is click import or load from the PIC and then click network and you will see them.

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