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Hi guys,

I owes a Fuji Frontier LP7500 and I have a problem with the paper 203mm in silk surface.

I am able to set the paper magazine for paper width 203mm and silk surface, in my case magazine number 53.

The machine identifies the paper magazine number 53 as loaded with 203mm silk. Until here all is okay.

But when I want to print a picture, for example a 20x25 on silk paper, the machine doesn’t show the silk surface option in the Whole Roll Product window.  The machine only shows glossy, lustre and matte.

This problem doesn’t appear with the magazine number 80 set and loaded with paper 305mm silk.

What am I doing wrong in the case of the magazine number 53 with 203mm silk?  


P.S.: Please have a look to the screen captures attached.

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I am not familiar with the Lp7500, but I believe in the Panda screen log in to maintenance with 7777 as the pasword.  In the first menu choose the first sub menu (system) and near the end of that menu there should be something called frontier direct device setup.  Here you can enable various paper width and surface combinations.  Find the satin 203 (or more likely satin 8) and check the available box.  You may have to re-route your MS01 system depending on how it's configured.  

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