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Frontier 340 failing to connect to DI Controller

Michael Adelaide

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I have in the last few days had to load up a ghost image on my DI and c4c5 software loads up nicely, network connection is there between the DI and the 340 but when the 340 tries to connect to the DI it fails when trying to "read services from controller, check your network connection".... had anyone come across this? how did you fix?

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I have had this problem numerous times, and unfortunately the only way around it is to reinstall C4/C5 from the actual software disk, not using a ghost disk. I think it has something to do with the database creation, which removes some garbage data that gets stuck in the C4/C5 client installed on the 340.  Reinstalling that program on the 340's pc doesn't clear it either.  Reinstall C4/C5 on your DI from the proper disk (and all the add ons you might have like C10 or C8) and the problem goes away.  I should add that this problem started with C4/C5 version 5.5.  Older versions seem to work fine when they are loaded from a ghost disk.

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I got the same problem when I took the HDD out of the computer and put it in another computer. It started to give me the same problem.

I put it back in the first computer, but it no longer connects. I even went back and restored the image of the DI, but it still doesn't work.

I read that you talk about reconfiguring the database. Any one know how to do it manually

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I was doing the same as you do: reinstall Fe-in, etc, until I accidentaly managed this:

I do not thing it is the solution to everything, but try it as you can not break anything.

1)go to Fe-in "Admin", type password "DI", press the "Multiple Service" button.

2)enter a name, no matter what, in the "Multiple Service name" text box

3)choose your printer in "Print Output Device" example: SLP1000RGB

4)choose "Image Writing Service", example: I chose FuUJICOLOR CD

5)press "Entry" and "Return"

This is it.

6)Connect from the setup menu of the printer, not Pre Operational

7)always IMPORT using "sRGB", not "No Conversion" at Color Space Selection

8) you should select all at the "Select Device Selection"

Maybe I was too detailed, or it isn't a universal issue, but you just take whatever you think that suits you.

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