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error to laser unit


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I shall want to know if after one lasted exploitation(operation) of my mini lab fuji frontier 370 LP 2000sc the block laser can Hang out of order? If it is the case my machine stop  to make the edition or made she(it) take(bring) out sheets(leaves) white. On the other hand dices switch on the air conditioning of my store everything goes into the order the edition is made in merveille. this problem persist for 18 months.

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I will try to explain his problem as he is a friend of mine and I am well aware of his mishaps. First he apologizes for his poor english and the swear word.He used an online translation tool and the result is far from perfect He's got to put the air conditionning on even in winter.After printing few hundreds(sometimes less) pictures, the machine heats up(even whith the AC on) and he gets a batch of unexposed (white) pictures. He switches the machine off for a while and then he can start printing again. He has already changed the laser filter,the LDD20 circuit board and the problem still remain.He gets the E2522 error message.When he switches the machine on again some data about the laser is gone.I will get more details on that.I believe it is probably something to do with the temperature rising..Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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you can check the tempreture in which the laser or chemicals should work , coz i think the tempreture goes high then it doesnt work properly while it will not stop or gives an error because it didnt reach to the limitation yet

, you can change the limits of tepreture by maintenance and setup

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