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Frontier 570 laser death


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PHOTOCLICK, please let me know if any one here on this forum contacts you via PM (Private Message) of any other method.

Is it forbidden, Neil? I feel a bit worry when I see such notes...

Anyway I dare to post my thoughts:


Frontier's 570 lasers are very ugly made indeed....

Using thier laser current we can shoot heliicopters. Very high.

As for the matter :

We have experience in Fr 570 laser repair.

Fisrt of all we need to know all details:

Please send us the following:

last print screens of the menus:





0549 (table with the LAST data)

We will think what happend and let you know.

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That is very strange. I have fixed hundreds of Fuji laser units and have never seen a bad green laser. Can you go to the "Exposure Check" screen and tell me what the Green laser LD current is? What the PD current is? What the temperature is? Was the machine working fine then suddenly this happened? I will bet it is something other than the laser. Was the machine moved?What error is it giving?

I am sure we can help you through this failure.

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hi every one 

i have fuji film 370 .

When i start my machinery it shows E-2521 G-laser current value exeeceded.

i press enter and wait for machinhe to go for temprature.

then i restart my machine it donot shows me Error and starts printing .


now the error is no going .

when ever i start my machinery it shows error E -2521




please help is required .



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Hello Rizwan,

We have wide experience in laser repair of Frontier 550/570 laser units and can help you with it.
Lots of customers around the world have already tried our service and we have 0% of complaints.

Please send to us your inquire to our main email address;
to receive details.

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