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hydra blitz v2


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I haven't tried the other Hydra products.  For cleaning up stained wash racks the only method I have found the actually works is described here:


Takes a fair bit of work, but it does remove the stains.  As for the developer rack, I once cleaned a very grungy rack with sulferic acid, diluted about 3:1 with water.  Nasty stuff, so you need to be careful and don't wear good clothes!  After cleaning and a lot of rinsing with running water, I would pour developer over the entire rack tho neutralize any remaining acid.  Rinse it again, and douse it with developer again!  Very important to avoid contamination when it is returned to service.

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I've tried the bleach "trick" before, but didn't know to follow up with FIXER.

We had a "tech" tell us to soak the racks in water and bleach over night and rinse, scrub, rinse a lot, and it did help, not perfectly clean, but much better than before.

Thanks for the link ghn5ue !

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Chemistry arrived, Not happy. It did clean chemistry from rollers but that was not a problem for me the main problem that I bough it for is to try clean p2 processing rack and tank. I had small volume and the rack got totally black to the line of water. I can clean that with extra scrubbing but deposits on rack it self is harder because it's not flat surface. Does any body know some other manner. I did try bleach on tank it self it will not budge, nothing happens  

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I would be grateful to you. I thought about that but in they pdf file they say (Note:  Do Not Use DSC-100 to clean fix racks or tanks) http://www2.hydra-int.com/UK/DSC-100_processor_developer_tank_cleaner_removes_developer_silver/ so I am in dilemma what to think can it be used for P2 tank and rack or not. They say it removes silver deposit and that P2 black rack is silver bonded to plastic. When I clean I see silver appear. Thanks  again.

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Doesn't look too good.  They use a heavy duty industrial soap mixed (wouldn't provide the name) with bleach to clean that stuff off the BF racks & tanks. - with a LOT of scrubbing with steel wool... They use Chem Quick for the Developer racks & tanks.

ghn5ue is right in getting the silver deposits off your racks & tanks without messing them up.  I would stay away from the acid... very nasty stuff, use in a very well ventilated area if you do decide to use it, the more air flow the better.  Even a whiff can burn your lung linings.

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