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White texts are displayed in blue color


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Does the blue appear as a "fringe" or halo around the letter, and what size is the font.

If you are running EZ-Controller software on your 7700 then you might like to have  a read of these two sections from the Noritsu manual (same print engine) which refers to NCE, meaning Nice Clean Edge

Part -1 here, with  Part -2  in the following post.

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Are you running EZ Controller interface or Fuji (?).

If EZ Controller I can probably upload Manual to FTP for you. For Fuiji GUI then another member may be able to help out here........

Have texts always shown this problem, or is it a more recent issue. Out of the box and once set up you should not expect this to occur or drift, as matter of fact I've never had to fine tune this function, only once  after lab owner switched to another paper type (brand) with different  characteristics.

Are you sure this effect is similar to  NCE effect or could it be more of an RGB (CMY on the test print) convergence/alignment problem, which again is easy to correct in software adjustments.

In principal put very simply,  it is very similar to setting up a new inkjet printer with the manufacturers  test prints where you line up all the  color bars  and select the appropriate number closest to the correct value.

You got a sample image to post here for all to see!

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