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Frontier Help me please

Alex Merola

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Hi I am Alessandro from Italy I'm very happy to have found this forum..ok

Now hi need help I have a frontier355 with c4/c5 ver 5.5 in windows2000 and I have 3 order it so the system is very slow so I asked to Fujifilm italia for a new frontend and they said for a new frontend in xp with c4/c5 ver 5.5 price 2500euro as 3000dollars or fe software price 3500euro as 4500dollars.

Ok but why I can't use my software in a new computer with xp? and which system is better? And the price isn't too much?

Tank you

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C4/C5 officially works only with Windows 2000.  It has been made to work with XP and even Windows 7, but it can be tricky to get the database set up.  Best to stick to 2000.  A local computer store can probably build you a system that will run 2000 and have the needed components.  You may need to install the SCSI card from your old system if you have a SCSI Epson scanner.  The installation manual for C4/C5 has some other specifications you should take note of, as well as a step by step procedure for configuring the computer before installing C4/C5.

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Is the new computer Fuji wants to sell really running C4/C5?  Fuji now has completely different software called MS that does run on Windows XP. If you search through the forums a bit you may find the posts of one gentleman who did get C4/C5 to work in XP, and I did get a look at his procedure.. it was quite involved.  Frankly not worth the effort in my opinion.  It works fine in 2000. Anyway, if you really want to try, get a new computer and go ahead and install it.  If it works for you, let us know   :)

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this is the original message from fuji:

Frontend PC (C4/C5,FE and MS Software)

NEC –ML470 Core2Duo E8400-3,0 Ghz-4GB

Chassis NEC Micro Tower  µBTX250W Azalia  (monitor escluso)

           Motherboard ML470 mBTXQ35-D0 µBTX Video-LAN-Audio

           2 rear output USB

CPU Intel Core2 Duo E8400-3,0 Ghz LGA 775 / 6MB cache /FSB 1333MHz/FSB 1333 MHz

           RAM Memory 4GB DDR2-667 SDRAM (2x2GB)

          250GB SATA 2 7200rpm Hard Disk Drive (First HDD)

          250GB SATA 2 7200rpm Hard Disk Drive (Second  HDD)

          DVD+R9 Writer 16X SATA

         LAN Controller Onboard GbE (10/100/1000) 1xRJ45

         Video Controller Q35 From RAM OnBoard VGA OnBoard

         105 Keys PS2 Keyboard AZERTY

         2 buttons+wheel PS2 Optical Mouse

         Internal Floppy Disk Drive black 1.44 3.5”

         FlexLoad Microsoft Vista Bussiness Downgrade Policy (with windows XP Recovery)

           3 Years On Site D+1 European (3 anni on site)


         2 cables RJ45 Patch Cat 6

        1 network LAN 10/100 Switch 5ports    

          1 multicard reader

Sistema operativo

           Windows XP  pro SP2


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I know one person on this board did have it working in XP, but again it was not a standard install and required several extra steps to configure the database.  Why don't you buy a computer and try the install yourself?  If it won't connect to the Frontier, then search out a copy of Windows 2000 and reinstall C4/C5.

This thread has more information :


The links to the xp document don't work, but you can try to message the poster to see if he would send them to yo.

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thanks christina,ghn,abdul..

but I don't understand what I can do..

Fuji want 3000 euro for MS,and 2000 euro for a computer with c4/c5 that I have..

Abdul says that c4/c5 on win-xp but only as a client computer,ghn says that there is a person that use c4/c5 in xp,fuji give to me a new computer with c4/c5 in xp and say that is good, christina says that fe is better..


What do you use and do you know where buy original software if is necessary new or used, I have also a noritsu 3201 there isn't a software that is compatible with fuji a noritsu?

THANKS and sorry for all my problems

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Well, I use MS01 (and it works with XP).  It is very different than C4/C5, so there is a learning curve.  FE looks like excellent software as well, it was never available in Canada so I have no experience with it.  It does look easier to use the MS01.  Software is only available new from Fuji.  If you can buy new software and a DI computer for the price you gave, that is a pretty good deal.  I paid about the same just for MS01 software.  If you buy the complete system from Fuji you will be able to get technical support, and you will be getting a good quality computer.  All the Fuji software systems need top quality computers. Lesser systems with cheap motherboards and ram will cause all sorts of problems.  Something I have learned the hard way :)

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