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Frontier 350 paper magazine problem


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Recently I've bought a new paper magazine for 152 Lustre Supreme paper. When it's used I randomly get the paper jammed just as it leaves the magazine - no matter how much paper is left but it happens more often when the paper roll is near to the end. There is no paper jam using other paper magazines with different papers (all are Supreme or Silk). I use original Fuji equipment. I've also noticed that the paper is cut irregularly - sometimes the difference is acceptable but there are also photos which have to be reprinted... In my opinion the problem is the paper magazine...

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance,


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I would first check to make sure the flanges are set to the proper size. If the roll is not centered in the magazine, the paper will skew and cause jams and crooked cuts.  Next clean the rubber rollers with some alcohol to make sure they are gripping the paper properly.  The silver exit guides may also be out of adjustment a little.  They have 2 screws holding them in, one with red paint on it. Those should not be loosened as they are factory set to keep the paper coming out square to the guides. If somebody in the past has loosened them , they could be out of adustment. If you have an old roll of scrap paper around, load it in the light and lay the paper through the guides and see if it is going crooked.  That should help you figure it out.

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If you get more jams near the end of a roll it may be from the humidity. If the air is really dry it may cause the paper to curl more and then cause jams. Durring dry times we use a humidfier to help with this.

Also check to see if there are any damages to the magazine itself. There is an adjustment nub near the corner of the magazine, sometimes people try to adjust this with a screwdriver and break it off... if its missing then this may cause the magazine not to sit right in the machine.

Let me know what you find out...  Good luck!

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