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Need Help with Fuji Froniter 370


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Hey guys,

I just joined the forum, seems like an awesome place for troubleshooting. :) I have a problem with my Fuji Frontier 370 which causes water or sometimes chemistry to drain into the overflow tank/pan at the bottom of the printer. At first it was a mix of chemistry but now its seems to just fill up with water. I've notice that there are two hoses that seem to come from the replenisher area. The problem with water filling up only seems to happen when the printers asks for water. I haven't received any error messages yet, but about a month ago i did have to drain the replenishment tanks and manually mixing due to the printer not being able mix by itself. Printer still works and the replenisher does mix but I still have water filling up on the bottom. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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