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Printing from slides on 340

Daniel P

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Hello all,

I recently got my hands on some old slides and some masks to be able to print from these masks. I have never printed from slides before (only been working the in them minilab industry for a couple of years really) and was wondering what type of mask size I would use.

Hmmm....uploaded a pic of the slides but I cant seem to get it working. Anyway they are slides that i think are 35mm, with a plastic type frame around them. So what mask would I be using? I assume the 35 = 135 in terms of masks. So could it be a manual mask 135p, reversal mount mask 135f, nega mask 135H ect.

The slides I think a "positive' slides.

Anyhelp for a photolab n00b would be appreciated. I also have the other equipment (which I have no idea how to use) so does anyone know if there is a tutorial online? (e.g. diffusion box, callibration mask).


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