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FP232 N3 Heat Problem


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Hello everybody

First, I want to apologize for my bad english, I'm french.

I bought a used FP232B from a friend of mine, which had no problem when I saw it running before I buy it. But since I have it ( 3 days), I can't make the N3 heat to the right temp. The others tanks are quickly to the good temperature, but not the N3. I know the heat system is the same for both N2 and N3, and the N2 is good, so i don't think it is the problem.

The N3 grows up to 33°C in a day (it should grow to 37).

I hope my problem is clearly explained.

Anyone got an idea?

Thanks a lot.


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   Remove circulation filter and check inside. Is there any movment in chemical. Torch light will help you alot to see chemical movment. Another way is to remove complete N3 chemical and rack also then pore with water and check in chemical tank is there any movment.

   Most probably it is a circulation problem. Try to clean circulation pump, pipe and heater.


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I have had this problem with two 230b's and one 232b and each time cause was the same - bad circulation due to clogged circulation filters, which in turn caused sediment in all piping, tank, rack and heater section. These machines has problems like this if you have too small amount of films to develop. If you have less than, say, 10 a day and you do not "simulate" processing by feeding leaders, then eventually sooner than later you will have this problem.

Only solution is to to clean n3 tank, rack, heating, piping and try to run machine with enough load to keep it clean.

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