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hello frontier 350 and fp 232


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My name is Ciprian Gruia, I am from Brasov, Romania and I have a Fuji frontier 350 and a film Processor fuji 232.

2 questions that I have to ask now for anyone that could help me.


   1  Is there any software upgrade for fuji frontiers that could allow me to do longer prints on my frontier 350, meaning longer than 38.1 cm (15 ich) as the maximum print size is 25.4 by 38.1 cm. I would like to print in sizes that could exceed this size in lenght let's say 25.4 by 50 cm.

Two years ago I went to Photokina in Koln , Germany, and I asked a guy that was at the Fuji stand, and he told me that at the time it was impossible. I wonder if there is a computer geek out there the has made an upgrade for the frontier 350 software as I am sure that this is only a software issue.

  2  How can I reset my 232 film processor to factory settings cause I cannot use it because of  an error that keeps bugging me. It's the 905 error that tells me that I have a parameter that is abnormal and it should be reseted. I reseted all of the parameters of temperature, replenisher rates and  all others that I could get my hands/eyes on but there is for sure one that has eluded me.

So I am trying to reset all settings to factory setting but I don't know how, so...

please somebody help me!

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