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Frontier 7700, chemical  in end edge of paper


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Hello Guys

I am having some strange occurence over last two days.

The trailing edge of the 6 inch paper seems to have chemicals seeping in. I can see that there is a slight yellow discoloration and this is especially visible when there is photo with white background.

My assumption is that the paper stock is old or the squeegee rollers at exit of chemicals are worn out (though this is probably not the case as the machine is in service since only one year).

Any suggestions as to why this is happening?

I still have about 50 more rolls of this paper stock and would like to use it up before going out for new paper.

BTW this stains are not there in other sizes of paper (I use also the 12 inch rolls).

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I did a complete chemistry change yesterday and everything is back to normal.

It was my fault that since the starting of the new machine I had never changed the processing tank chemicals.

I was just washing the racks.

So, this brings in another question: How often do we have to change the tank chemicals ( as in how many prints count later)?

Appreciate your feedback.

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