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Dirty print on upkeep printing


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I have a problem during the upkeep printing as, 10% of the paper is more white than the 90%. The feed paper is as white as the 90%, which i think it is a bit yellowish. The P2 should not be a problem as I did try to put the blank paper into the P2, which give me a white result.

Anyone can suggest what happen?

Sorry it may not be clear , but I will then upload it again tommorow.

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Here C.R I have a better scan picture for you.

I did try to put in the blank paper int,o my p1, it is black, and I put another one into p2 directly it comes out white.

However my feed paper, comes out with yellowish white. only with feed. I think it might have a problem in the optical section.

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Normal paper feed will be yellowish white. Here i dont understand, when I was doing the upkeep printing, why 90% of the white based are so yellowish (as yellow as the normal feed ), and 10% down there come out with a white bright.

The local technician tells it might be caused by laser, or somewhere within the optical section, but i dont understand why the rest 10% below can comes out with normal white.

I put a blank paper into p2 directly, it comes out with a great white.

Can someone help with a reasonable reason?

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I believe it could be dirty optics in the laser section. Dirty optics will cause scatter so that a small amount of light makes it through the optical path even when the AOM is off. The reason for the white end of the paper is because the shutter closes blocking any light. See the diagonal rough edge of the transistion between the yellowish and the white? That is indicative of a shutter closing. Look in the classified section for a company that can repair you laser. National Laser Co.

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@Medanese ....As you may have seen on the forum I've been experiencing more or less the same problem for many months now. I've tried many things, changing the AOM driver, cleaning the AOM crystal, changing the chemicals and paper magazines, the paper itself, and even trying to reinstall the software. None  of these have removed the problem, so I'm coming to the conclusion that the problem is in the laser section, some have suggested dirty optics and others have said it could be the blue AOM inside the laser, or the blue laser itself. I think unfortunately that I will acutally have to see about repairing the laser and I'm now trying to decide who and where would be best.  I've seen your email and I've sent you a PM. If you log in you can see the upkeep prints in my previous posts on the forum.....have a look.

All the best.

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