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Frontier 340 problems


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I have a problem with the heating, the PS4 temperature is too low - then heaters turn off. Have cleaned the filters etc.

When machine is turned off and on again it sometimes starts to heat up, but not always.

Does anyone know what may cause this?

Also a problem with the sorter, it says that there are prints jammed when they are not. I think the problem is that some bits of paper are travelling too fast and therefore overlapping when they come out. Does anyone know how to fix this?


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You might try checking the relay for the ps4 heater. Swap it with another identical relay and see if the problem moves with it. Sometimes just cleaning the filters isn't enough, they are cheap enough to replace if in doubt, but it doesn't sound like it is a filter problem.

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i had this problem on the frontier 350.

i drained the tanks, then flushed with hot water, that should clean the sensor which may cure your problem.

if that does not solve your problem, then it will be your ssr for the ps4 which is located round the back of the machine on the PAC board

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I aslo have had these problems. To fix the Ps4 heater problem, we replaced the thermistat and cleaned all of the sensors. The thermistat is about the size of a small coin and around 5mm deep. Sort fail error I am still working on, but try changing the dividers between tank 4/5/6. They each have rubber seels and squeegys in them that wear.

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