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Frontier using Kodak chemicals


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Any Frontier users in this forum have experience in changing to Kodak chemicals in Froniter ?

What will be the change of photo quality after using Kodak chemicals in terms of hightlight, shadow, D-max and D-min on the processed photos ?

Your replies and advices will be highly appreciated.. Sirs.

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i have many experience with Kodak chemistry using with  frontier minilabs. i check  both Fuji and Kodaks. but i couldn't find out much difference on chemicals. off course there is small differences. but not noticeable. regarding paper also check..there  Fuji gives better black because Fuji having more whiteness.


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]Why do you not using Axel Color chemicals for minilabs frontier?The benefit are:same quality,not change is compatible,the price are very very cheap.To much costumer in the world,and supplier,sell and buy Axel Color.Why don't try!!!!!   paolo from      paolosigma@yahoo.es

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