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fuji machine


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:'( have had numerous replies ppl sayin they want machines then no feed back or let down ....help , i want to sell these labs before i gotta dump them..  fuji sfa 278 & 232 film pro ,plus a stack of spares inc, splicing units, 135, aps carriers, rewinders, cassettes, manuals, paper, chems, extra working units for spares, pumps, circuits,loads of bulbs , various electrics - both in working order , i only ask £1000 for the lot to take off my hands & to put towards my new shop/studio as ive got to hand keys over shortly, new dryer unit fitted in 278, even got old pictrostat ( working) to take as well if you want!

please email - cjphotography@live.co.uk


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I will allow this, as I know you are desperate to clear the machines.. But please also use http://www.minilabhelp.com/classifieds/

If you have been contacted by time wasters, please can you send me a PM (Private Message) to who has contacted you and wasted your time, as I take this very serious, and if these people are members here, I will question the motives

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