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Upgrade to V.5 for Frontier 350

Blue Light

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Hi members,

This is my first time in this forum.

I bought a used Frontier 350 with SP2000 scanner. It has been running well for 2 months. Its configuration:

SP2000: Scanner version 6.6-OE-818

Printer : 7.0-0x-120

PC computer window 2000 service pack 3 with FDI Version 4.6-OE-707/EXIFCHK V 0254.

I just went through the CDs that come with the machine I find an Upgrade CD for FDI to Version 5.0-OE 823U. Would you please let me know what the different between 2 version and whether it is worth to upgrade to V.5.

If yes please guide me what to do as I am new with Fuji frontier.

From Sydney Australia, we wish you all a Happy New Year.


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upgrade from version 4.6 to version 5.0 there wont be that much difference. but if you have upgrade CD, better always use updated versions. only few image enhancement options are added more in 5.0. stable version is c4-c5 last version 5.5.  if you not confident about installations, its better take a HDD ghost image copy before doing any upgrade. you can find out some earlier threads which describes about DI software installation.



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