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SP2500 Set-up (Does it work?)


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I've bought an SP-2500 which could turn out to be a quite expensive mistake. Advertised as "working" but I'm not so sure! I have minimal instructions which I downloaded. In the  lower right "cupboard" I found an ancient Toshiba PC which is running NT - but doesn't manage to get into NT. Is the "central control" of the system or just a peripheral? I guess the former. I found that connecting a keyboard at the front of SP2500 didn't work (lead damaged?) and I had to connect direct to the ancient PC. Is the "key" to getting started getting the PC going - in which case is the software available free (as some systems do) or is a hefty whack? Presumably with the apporpriate software one could format the ancient PC and install a later OS and then run the system and look for the next problem.... Or have I misunderstood and the PC is merely a peripheral and machine works in a different way?

I shall be most grateful if anyone can help (Sorry if I have started a new thread illegally etc - although computer literate I haven't indulged in forums before!)

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concern your mail  understand that you purchased  SP2500 scanner which is not in good condition. unfortunately  SP2500 scanner support only windows NT.( it is the central control of the whole system) you must need software's like Toshiba recovery cd, system disk A1 , C4-C5 ver., B1 std, B1 variety etc..for a clean reinstall. also once scanner should start only will get clear idea about how good/ bad this equipment. i suggest either send it back or ask them to repair and make it working condition. bad Sp2500 scanner will be always big headache.

take care.


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