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Fuji FP230 B,film minilab


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Hi everyone, nobody here having this film minilab to tackle around? I'm usig Fuji Hunt chemicals and I think something it's going wrong, there periodicaly happens to acumulate heavy green cristalized muddish deposit in the bleach tank clogging the hoses,filter and the pump. I've also discovered salt-like cristals sticked on the bottom of fixer tank and the rack wich happen to scratch the films! I wash away these deposits but after two weeks they're back. Thanks for any replay.

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If the machine is configured to run "B" chemicals then you need a "B" compatiable Bleach such as Fuji Hunt Ultra NEGACOLOR Bleach 3. as well as fix and do not recall off the top of my head which fix. Check the configuration of the machine first just because it is a "B" model doesn't mean it's set up "B" . You should have a Dev - Bl - Bl/Fix - Fix - Stabl.  That bleach-fix tank is the key. Bleach overflow cascades forward into the Bleachfix tank and the fix overflow cascades backwards into the Bleachfix tank so you need a Bleach and Fix replenisher designed to work together. Standard RA won't work. If you want to run standard RA then you have to reconfugure the BL/Fix tank.

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Oh, God, I checked out and both the bleach and Fixer I've been using till now are NEGACOLOR RA. What did you mean by "Standard RA won't work."?  I have no ideea how to find out wich way my minilab is configurated B or RA, could  you kindly please tell me how to find this out? Also, the wall between the bleach tank (the second) and the Fixer tank (the third) has a gap. The minilab is now " Dev"->"Bleach"->"Fixer"->"Stab"-"Rinse"(wich consist of two tanks), so six tanks per total.

  Please advice wich way to go by now. Merry Christmas !

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Hi guys,

I used to have one of thoese fuji fp230B film processor, they are great machine if you look after them, like cleaning filters, changing water etc.

chemistry, they comes in bottles, just buy them from fuji or your minilab supplier quote the model number fuji 230b, they will supply the right chenistry to you. There is a diargram on the front lid add the chemistry and water as picture, cant go worng.

about the crystal like bits, you either very low film put through, shouldnt stay on all day, like on only in morning to do works etc, and there is a white form that go on the top of no3 rack, that will minimius white power.

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