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F340 colors change problem


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Hi, one of our minilabs just called about strange problem (i havent seen this personally as this is holidays and particular minilab is located in another city, so this is just from phone conversation). The thing is, that lab prints photos and after some time (like few hours) these photos start to change color most noticeably in light areas especially white. For example when printing test it comes out ok, bet after short amount of time all the white areas, around test patterns, starts to get greenish blue. Lab does not show any error messages about solution concentrations or anything of this sort.

This problem appears on all kind of paper, regardless of width or type or age or whatever and started pretty suddenly.

Operators of that particular lab says that f340 recently started to display error connected with laser temperatures and clogged filter, they have ordered new filters, but they are still on the way. Can laser really be cause of problem? It more sounds like some weird chemistry thing, but I really dont know.

Thanks in advance!


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I'm not an expert, but it sounds like "weird chemistry".

If the print comes out of the machine and looks good, and then after some time the print changes, then the fix isn't really "fixing" the print. and the bleach is still "active" and changing the print....

Do a pump output amount check, and spike the fix.

Run a control strip and find out for sure !

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