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550 dryer mechanism problems


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Hi, I have following problem: frontier 550 dryer mechanism is not working correctly - when processing is active motor m770 is turning dryer belt and dryer exit gears, but from time to time it suddenly just stops and motor is making weird noise. When at this moment i help mechanism (i turn one of exit rollers with my finger) it starts to turn again.

It never stops when unit with dryer belt is taken out.

I have tested a) motor it self, it is ok B) pdb23 - we thought that it might be possible that control board is faulty, but it is ok c) i have changed dryer belt d) inspected all mechanism, no visible anomalies e) changed some of gears (those who are closest to dryer belt mechanism and looked somewhat "old") f) i even inspected and cleaned all racks and processor exit rack.

Strange thing is, that when I make some changes (replace gears for example) or just take apart and put back dryer/dryer exit it works normally for some time (anywhere between from few hours to few days).

Have no idea whatsoever! Please help with some advice!

Thanks, and Merry Christmas!


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    you are right this is normal in 550. There is load on dryer motor. you just clean properly all the gear from inside which is moving on rod and rod itself. you can find black and white corrosion on rod with brown and white gear respectively. like this you can reduce the load on dryer motor and it will work properly.



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