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PS Concentration Not Right Error on Frontier 340


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My printer gives me the same error that The PS Concentration in Tanks isn't Good (sorry, i don't remember exactly the words) and suggests me to add 4liters of PS water in PS4 tank with the PS2 rack out, witch I did and I like, because it cleanes the PS and also reheats in just four minutes.

But the error doesn't go away.

I also noticed the PS concentration probe(sensor) covered with algae(mucus) and cleaned it, but still no change.

I saw that I have a PS Concentration Management menu where I can set a value and also measure.

At no value does my measurement give OK. What should I set there?

Can I check the sensor from the input somewhere?

Or, I remember that on my SFA248 there was a PS filter on the waste door, does the Frontier 340 has one?

And where? Is it one of the four or five jars from the waste side? Do you suggest anything else?

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most probably you put more ps tablets or may be sensors cloged with alga.  once you drain out and pour more water without tablets means it will dilute the current concentration and thus the way error goes .guess in menu you can disable the ps concentration management. frontier 340 also have the cleaning filter ( jar type ;-0) below waste pipe.


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I have faced such problem with Fronter 570. You should check the water you using for PS concentrate. Bring water from several sources and take it into a jar. Then put the PS concentration probe(sensor) in it and measure PS concentrate measurement from menu. Identify the water which is measuring OK, then use that water regular to make ps concentrate.

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you may want to check your bleach crossover . the roller is a possible problem . rollers are wornout. bleach chemical is carried into ps tank therefore you are constanlty getting this message. do you also find your prints overlapping . this is where you need to look to solve your problem.

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